Triple IR(IR3) Flame Detector



 UV / IR Flame Detector



 UV / IR Flame Detector
 (Non-Explosion proof)



 Flame Simulator

 Flame Detection Solutions

Triple IR (IR3) , UV/IR Flame Detectors

Longer Detection Range (up to 60m) / Hazardous Areas
FX-500EX (Triple IR)
Medium Detection Range (up to 30m) / Hazardous Areas
Medium Detectio Range (up to 30m) / Commercial buildings
FX-20P (UV/IR)




FX-500EX Triple IR(IR3) Flame Detector

Utilizes the three IR spectral bands for longer distance(over 60m) detection and high false alarm immunity

FX-20EX UV/IR Flame Detector

Utilizes the dual spectrum of ultraviolet & infrared band spectrum for medium distance(30m) detection and high false alarm immunity


FX-20P UV/IR Flame Detector

Non-explosion proof in polycarbonate enclosure for commercial applications

FS-TL-10Ex Long-Range Flame Simulator (Test Lamp)

- Exremely Long Range flame simulating
  (up to 30meters for IR3
   , up to 20meters for UV/IR)
-Safe testing without dangerous real flame fires




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